EST. 1962


BREAKFAST till 12.30 (all day weekends/public holidays)

organic sourdough toast (V, VG*) 6
(condiments: honey, jam, peanut butter, vegemite, chutney)

organic raisin toast (V, VG*) 6.5

blueberry oatmeal smoothie (V) 6
rolled oats, blueberries, greek yogurt, milk, fibre booster and honey

crunchy granola (V, VG*) 12
oats, mixed nuts, coconut flakes, pepitas, cinnamon, vanilla & seasonal fruit w natural yoghurt

buttermilk pancakes (V) 17
macadamia, fresh mango, spiced maple syrup, sweetened ricotta

breakfast taco x 2 (V, VG*) 14.5
black beans, corn, avocado & tomato salsa, chipotle mayo, carrot & red cabbage, ricotta salata, corn tortilla

avocado & meredith goats cheese (V) 17
organic sourdough toast, roasted red capsicum, rocket & cherry tomato w soft boiled egg

corn fritter (V) 17
spicy labneh, pickled red cabbage, avocado and cherry tomato salsa w poached eggs

salmon & avocado (V) 17.5
baby spinach, smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs, dill cream sauce on organic sourdough toast

hangover feast 19.5
organic sourdough toast, sausage & smoked bacon, roasted mushrooms, confit tomatoes, egg x2 (poached or fried)

free range eggs & toast any way x2 9.5

smoked bacon 13.5


bacon, salmon, haloumi, sausage, potato hash 4

avocado 4

roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach 3.5

extra free range egg 2

gluten free bread available 1.0

tiny tots: 7.5
sourdough toast, slice of bacon, poached egg x1

ham & cheese or bacon & egg toastie 7.5

spanakoplta (V) (spinach pie) or tiropita (V) (cheese pie) 7

*upon request these meals can be altered and
served as a vegan dish

**for specials see blackboard**


organic lemonade 4
organic lemon lime & bitters 4
apple mineral water 4
blood orange mineral water 4
sparkling mineral water 4
bottled water 3.5
zagori mineral water 4
coconut water 5

coca cola 3.5
coca cola zero 3.5
organic orange juice 6
orange/apple/carrot 6
+ginger (optional) 0.5

milkshakes 6

coffee milkshake 6.5

iced latte 5


latte/flat white/cappuccino/mocha 4
long black/long mac/piccolo 3.8

short black/short mac 3.5

hot chocolate 4
chai latte (made from loose leaf) 4

tea 4
(english breakfast/earl grey/chamomile/peppermint/
lemongrass & ginger/green tea)

soy 0.5
almond 0.5
LUNCH from 11 am (weekends/public holidays from 11.30)

smoked neck ham sandwich 10
smoked ham, cheddar, confit tomatoes, organic sourdough

grilled free range chicken sandwich 10
artichoke spread, cheddar, avocado, lettuce, organic sourdough

vegetarian/vegan sandwich (V, VG) 10
beetroot salsa, pumpkin, roasted capsicum, grilled zucchini, lettuce, organic sourdough

smoked salmon sandwich 10
cream cheese, salmon, dill cream sauce lettuce, organic sourdough

pulled pork roll 16
(pork roasted for 24 hours) spiced apple sauce, coleslaw, lettuce in a brioche bun w crisps and a wedge of iceberg

slow roasted lamb panini 16
marmalade of red onion & berries, goat cheese, honey/mustard aioli, lettuce, sourdough panini w crisps and a wedge of iceberg

corned beef sandwich 16
swiss cheese, caramelized onion, pickles, honey/mustard aioli, pumpkin brioche w crisps and a wedge of iceberg

veggie burger (V) 16
veggie patty, cheddar, avocado, tomato1 pineapple, peanut brittle & chilly mayo, lettuce in a brioche bun w crisps and a wedge of iceberg

grilled free range chicken salad 17
lettuce, greek feta, pears, carrot, roasted capsicum, dressing

lamb & orange salad 17
spinach, carrot, pita bread, pomegranate, dressing, mint, greek yoghurt

grilled haloumi salad (V) 17
lettuce, quinoa, roasted pumpkin, roasted capsicum, dressing

roast veggies & quinoa salad (V, VG) 16
lettuce, carrot, roast vegetables (seasonal vegetables), roasted almonds, dressing

ham & cheese or bacon & egg toastie 7.5
spanakopita (V) (spinach pie) or tiropita (V) (cheese pie) 7

side salad (V, VG) 4.5

customers please note no alterations to the menu over the busy periods


Hellas Cakes
322 Lennox Street
Victoria 3121